What do you mean by internet, intranet and Extranet?

By | June 24, 2021

In today’s world it is extremely difficult to live without networks, since resources sharing and internet connectivity have become an integral part of aur daily activities.

Now, I will try my best to help you to know what is internet, intranet and extranet. Let’s get started;

What is Internet?

Internet is a global system of interconnected networks; also referred to as network of networks, the Internet uses TCP/IP protocol suite) (you will read more about this protocol in upcoming posts). Internet consists of millions of computers accessed by billions of users through a variety of devices for varying purposes such as browsing, electronic messaging, chatting, social networking, blogging, online shopping, Internet marketing, researching, data collection, downloading and uploading content, etc. It is the largest network in the world,

What is Intranet?

Intranet refers to private computer network used by organizations for sharing resources; Intranets can be simple within a building or very large spread across the globe connected through various networking technologies. Intranets help employees of an organization to locate information much faster resulting in increased productivity. Though popularly referred to a company’s internal website or portal, Intranet usually employs other protocols such as POP3, SMTP. FTP, etc. and may even offer a variety of services (you will read more about these in later sessions).

What is Extranet?

Extranet is a computer network used outside the Intranet. For example, an organization may allow a vendor to view or access their resources such as their internal website for updating a product catalog or training material However, this is highly restricted to Internet users/(public) Extranet’s are usually accessed using VPNs (you will read more about this protocol later).

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