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By | October 16, 2021

AdSense is a free and easy way to make money by placing ads on your site. Google’s advertising network combines ads that link to your ads on the web with publishers like you, trying to monetize your website, which leads to success for everyone. These ads are managed, configured, and maintained by Google.Anyone can make money with Google AdSense if they follow the AdSense guidelines. Getting Google AdSense approval these days isn’t easy. Make sure your site adheres strictly to AdSense policies. Bloggers and webmasters from around the world have made huge profits from the Google AdSense program. They are still benefiting from this trusted advertising program. Of course, Google is a market leader in online advertising that pays you more than any other program. Google AdSense provides HTML ad code to display ads on the site. The advertiser pays you when a user clicks on the ad or goes to the ad. Google will never show the actual cost of the ads.Tips for AdSense Approval .     Build a high quality website with unique and fresh content. It is advisable to update it frequently. Starting a website for AdSense is a bad practice.Avoid free hosting platforms if you want to make money from the AdSense program.   Buy a Premium Domain Name (.com .in .co .net .info .xyz etc.Create Additional Pages (Mandatory – Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions). So write good content to attract as many visitors as possible.Clicking allows your site to be permanently banned from the AdSense program.Make sure the site content does not belong to one of the following categories:. AdultsG ambling

Copyright Materials

Violence or Hate Provocative Content
Illegal or Aggressive Content
Generating Traffic in Unethical Ways
Do a thorough research on the topic you want to write about. Remember that content is always king. Write a lot of content related to your niche. Google prefers content-rich websites.
Don’t try to customize the ad code provided by AdSense. Yes, all the work last 30-50 days so make sure you don’t break any of the rules mentioned above.
You can also earn from Google Custom Search Engine. All you need to do is do a Google Custom Search on your site. Ads can be shown on the targeted page when a user searches for something. If you need a comment below.
AdSense limit payment is $ 100. You will not receive a payment until it reaches $ 100. Payment will be taken until next month until you reach the limit. Google is very strict when it comes to policies and terms. You may be banned at any time if you violate the instructions.The end result:If your site is able to attract a lot of potential visitors and follow the program guidelines, you can earn a lot of money from Google AdSense.Categories: How, WordPressTags: adsense, google adsense

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